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I have decided to offer a service to help people find there ultimate pom.

After helping many people import to the UK and connecting buyers all over the world we have spent many many hours doing this for people and now have decided to offer our experience contacts and knowledge to anyone looking for a pom.

Rates do apply if we handle the money and buying for you but just a small finder fee if we just connect you and the sellers UK or Overseas, 

A finders fee or we will complete the whole process for you and could even fly over and collect your dog for you from certain countries or we will arrange shipping and can have your dog delivered to your door.

What we can guarantee is we only deal with the best in the world with the reputation and history to support them.

Importing or finding the perfect dog can be very stressful with the many con artists and bad breeders out there. 

All the rules and regulations can send you into a spin so let us take the trouble of doing it all for you so nothing can go wrong. Just sit back and enjoy the pictures and we will do all the work :)

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Start the journey to your dream pom today